Not human reality, parallel reality
In parallel reality, Cooshay is unable to recognize if she stood in front of him, even her own mother. In parallel reality, the people being watched are deprived of individuality. No biographies, no gender, no characters, no feelings, no views, no nationality, no names.
Uniform awareness of meat with bone in. Absolute reality available in the third state of mind (java, sleep, parallel reality). The one who overcame humanism. This is atheistic freedom. In the universal delirium of human reality. Faces in parallel reality. Portrait of Ewa Gąsecka.
Portrait made in parallel reality. The last lines in the state of excluded criticism, without judgment and knowledge. Portrait of Eve.
The study of the holding hand. In absolute reality, there is no such thing as humanism. Hand study, allegory of clinging to humanity. (Sticking to opinions, maintaining beliefs about truth, attachment to emotions, attachment to feelings and judgement, stopping the past, grabbing thoughts, holding to ego.) In order to experience absolute reality, human qualities must be rejected.
The heart was taken out of the chest, placed in a bottle of Johnnie Walker Black Label 0.7, and then in an amber liqueur. At the Balutian marketplace. In the last few months he died many times. His last death will be a time of death. Cooshay-hermit moved self-awareness into the brain of the neighbor's dog. And then to the Hyundai vacuum cleaner. And then he saw shunyata.
In the parallel reality of Cooshay-hermit received the answer to the question - who am I? The answer is non-verbal. Simple, clear and satisfying. From now on, Cooshay-hermit no longer feels the need to ask questions - who am I? Without pain, he can return to a reality where people are busy with each other's organisms.
Non-seatable chair
Cooshey-hermit looks at the chair in the shunyata. At that moment the perception of the chair was radically changed. Cooshey-hermit doesn't know what the chair is for. He doesn't know what materials it's made of. Cooshey-hermit doesn't know what color it is, doesn't know who it belongs to, and doesn't know what room the chair is in. Cooshey-hermit sees the chair, but he doesn't know what he sees in front of him. What Cooshay-hermit sees is formless. It is a real emptiness.
Cooshay-hermit experiences shunyata by looking through one eye, then through the other eye. His one eye sees the world in warm colors, his other eye sees the world in cold colors. Cooshay-hermit earnestly wonders every day. Is shunyata experienced in different colors an absolute?
Wherever there was ego, there is only meat. Time is an illusion. Before it disappears. The heart muscle behaves like an idiot, appetite, insatiable, violent. Hatred is stuck toxicly in the left ventricle. Anxiety of the unnamed in the right ventricle. This is how four consciousnesses mature on Piotrkowska Street near Tuwima. Where there was ego, there is only meat.
A crowd on the street immersed in emptiness when time is not flowing. Parallel tangibleness revealed by its outline like liberation. Step and one more step. It opens insight, awakened by sight, aroused by hearing. Desire slows down somewhere at the fourth gate from Piłsudski Street. Motivating hatred weakens and dies. The lungs are filled with an angry liquid from the surrounding area. The diluted blood flows between the thighs. Meat with bone separated from the rest. The brain drowned in the outside world.
In shunyata the mind of Cooshay-hermit does not experience its own products, it experiences its own structure. It was created without his consent. The body that has created the ability to think. It is formed by others. It is all and nobody. Nobody painted this image. Shunyata pointed with a finger.