paintings 9
In Śunjata, Kusha the hermit would not be able to recognize, if she stood before him, even her own mother. Śunjata - without gender, without characters, without feelings, without views, without nationality, without names.
Faces in Shunyata. Portrait of Ewa Gąsecka.
Portrait of Ewa Gąsecka.
A study of the hand, an allegory of holding on to humanity. Holding on to opinions, holding on to beliefs about truth, clinging to emotions, clinging to feelings and judgment, holding on to the past, clinging to thoughts, clinging to the ego. To experience Shunyata, one rejects humanity.
His heart was removed from his chest, sunk in a bottle of Johnnie Walker Black Label 0.7, and then in a tincture of amber.He had died multiple times over the past months. His last death was experienced as a suicide. Cohsai-hermit transferred the conscious inner Self into the brain of a neighbor's dog. And then into a Hyundai brand vacuum cleaner. And then he saw Shunyata.
In Shunyata Cohsai the hermit received the answer to the question - who am I? The answer is non-verbal. From now on he no longer feels the need to ask the question - who am I? Without pain, he can return to reality, filled with bodies busy with each other.
Non-seatable chair
Cooshey-hermit looks at the chair in the shunyata. At that moment the perception of the chair was radically changed. Cooshey-hermit doesn't know what the chair is for. He doesn't know what materials it's made of. Cooshey-hermit doesn't know what color it is, doesn't know who it belongs to, and doesn't know what room the chair is in. Cooshey-hermit sees the chair, but he doesn't know what he sees in front of him. What Cooshay-hermit sees is formless. It is a real Emptiness.
Cooshay-hermit experiences shunyata by looking through one eye, then through the other eye. His one eye sees the world in warm colors, his other eye sees the world in cold colors. Cooshay-hermit earnestly wonders every day. Is shunyata experienced in different colors an absolute?
The heart muscle behaves like an idiot, craving violently. Hatred is toxicly stuck in the left ventricle. Fear of the unnamed in the right. This is how four consciousnesses mature on Piotrkowska Street by Tuwima. Where there was ego, there is now only meat.
The crowd on the street. A step and another step. Desire slows down, somewhere at the fourth gate from Pilsudski. Motivating hatred wanes, moribund. Lungs filled with angry fluid from around. Thinned blood trickles down between the thighs. Meat with bone separated from the rest. Brain drowned in the outside world.
In Shunyata, the Cohsai-hermit's mind does not experience its own creations, it experiences its own structure. It came into existence without his consent. A body that has produced the ability to think. Formed by others. It is everyone and no one. This picture was not painted by anyone. Shunyata pointed a finger.